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You can lose up to 88% of your customers if their experience at your website or app is anything short of perfect.

A well-thought-out web and application execution has become the game-changing factor in the contemporary business landscape. Brands that ignore this pay the ultimate price and get ignored.

At YuniQode, web & application development is a holistic approach. We don’t just put up a pretty face. From design prototyping to launch optimization, we take into account even the smallest of details to minimize bounce rates and maximize visitor engagement.

Here's how we approach each of our web development & application development projects.

Bespoke Web & App Development Solutions

We will meticulously dissect each of your brand's objectives, its audience, its niche, and the competition. We will deliver a web solution that seamlessly flows through multiple channels and devices. This ensures a flawless experience for your customers, boosting visitor engagement, and most importantly adding to your bottom line.

Design Prototypes

Our design philosophy is rooted firmly in achieving a harmonious blend of form and function.

Our designers painstakingly craft web and application designs optimized for every device ensuring that the asset delivers the best of both worlds i.e. bug-free user experience and jawdropping beauty.

Exhaustive Quality Assurance

At YuniQode we truly endeavor to exceed client expectations at every turn and web & application devolvement is no exception. Before taking an asset live, we put it through its paces, not overlooking even the smallest of details. From speed and security to functionality; we make sure your website or application is running like a well-oiled engine roaring at its brutal best!

Success Management & Launch Optimization

We won't just vanish in thin air once your website or app is up and running. Our team will continuously fine-tune and look for ways to optimize and keep your web assets updated so they keep performing at their peak.

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