Efficiency With A
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing has truly transformed the way we approach conducting business. From increased productivity to a significant decline in daily management costs, the benefits of well-executed cloud infrastructure are profound and immediate.

That said, seamlessly shifting to the cloud is usually an enormous challenge for most businesses. YuniQode brings to the table a team of seasoned cloud engineers well-versed in enterprise cloud consulting, assessment, integration, migration, and management.

Here’s how we’ll help revitalize your brand:

End-To-End Cloud Hosting, Monitoring & Orchestration

From a network of loosely related elements, we’ll convert your current cloud software and hardware assets into a finely tuned platform that is holistic, objective-focused, and data-driven. The idea is to minimize execution cost, maximize ROI, and make it extremely easy for your team to manage the entire cloud ecosystem; whether it’s integration, migration, control, visibility, or scalability.

Complete Support For Major Cloud Platforms

Depending on your operational needs and the industry, your business could be relying on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. No matter what cloud platform you choose, we’ll make sure the switch is as seamless as possible. All of our cloud engineers hold relevant certifications and possess indepth knowledge of the functional nuances of each of these platforms.

Cloud Cost Optimization

We’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. From the moment we take over your cloud ecosystem, our engineers will optimize it to reduce cost while maximizing its functional efficiency. Most of our clients see a clear decline in process redundancies, asset management costs, and excessive hardware.

Comprehensive Cloud Utilization Analytics

Operating without data is akin to shooting in the dark. We will share with you in-depth weekly reports to help you get a better understanding of how the key resources are being allocated and utilized across your cloud ecosystem. Our experts will help uncover and eliminate any resource wastage while enabling your cloud assets to perform at their peak 24-7.

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